Project Chronology

26-27 June 2019

6m Meeting in London

After a visit to Bristol to discuss test article options, the 6m meeting was held in London. A Milestone, the Preliminary design review, was successfully achieved. A decision was taken to use part of an A320 wing as test article for the test bench to be designed and implemented at Empa.

20 Feb 2019
20 Mar 2019

Brainstrom Meetings at Airbus, Toulouse

Two brainstorm meetings were held to develop the concept for the DIMES integrated system. While the first meeting focused on combinations of measurement technology, the second was about implementing the sensors and developing an overall concept for data and power management as well as system control.

14-16 Jan 2019

Kick Off Meeting in Liverpool

Partners presented their organisation and people participating in the project. The Topic Manager provided an overview of Airbus. There was a discussion about the technology, the test article and their relationship to the DIMES work packages.

1 Jan 2019 Official project start date