Scientific Program

Monday, August 26

12:00   Registration, lunch, and exhibition

13:10   Welcome address
David Reber, Empa and Corsin Battaglia, Empa
13:20    (Invited) US Initiatives and Perspectives on Battery Research (tbd)

M. Stanley Whittingham
Binghamton University, New York

13:50    Toward the Accelerated Discovery of Electroactive Materials for Li-ion and Na-ion Batteries
Maha Ismail
, Iciar Monterrubio, Ainhoa Bustinza, Oier Arcelus, Joseba Orive, Maria Angeles Cabañero, Javier García, Evaristo Castillo, Javier Carrasco, Montse Casas-Cabanas, Marine Reynaud

CIC energiGUNE, Basque Country University, Ikerbasque

14:10    Towards an Autonomous Robotic Battery Materials Research Platform Powered by Automated Workflow and Ontologized FAIR data management
Enea Svaluto-Ferro, Nukorn Plainplan, Graham Kimbell, Benjamin Kunz, Maximilian Becker, David Reber, Ruben-Simon Kühnel, Peter Kraus, Edan Bainglass, Loris Ercole, Francisco F. Ramirez, Giovanni Pizzi, Nicola Marzari, Yuhui Hou, Stefano Di Leone, Andrew Paterson, Dominique Sauter, Emmanouil Tzirakis, Jos de Keijzer, Amira Abou-Hamdan, Michael Schneider, Corsin Battaglia

Empa, PSI, EPFL, ETH, Chemspeed Technologies

14:30    Coffee break and exhibition

14:50    (Invited) What Silicon Can Enable in All-Solid-State Batteries
Y. Shirley Meng

University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois

15:20    Interfacial Stabilization by Prelithiated Trithiocyanuric Acid as an Organic Additive in Sulfide-based All-Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries
Leonie Braks
, Jinsong Zhang, Alexander Forster, Patrick W. Fritz, Jihoon Oh, Mario El-Kazzi, Jang Wook Choi, Ali Coskun

Université de Fribourg, PSI, Seoul National University

15:40    Assessment of Critical Stack Pressure and Temperature in LiGarnet Batteries
Matthias Klimpel
, Huanyu Zhang, Giulia Paggiaro, Romain Dubey, Faruk Okur, Lars P.H. Jeurgens, Kostiantyn V. Kravchyk, Maksym V. Kovalenko

ETH, Empa

16:00    Poster session and apéro riche

19:00    End of day one


Tuesday, August 27

08:30   Coffee and exhibition

09:00   (Invited) Electrolytes, Interfaces, and Interphases
Kang Xu

SES AI Corp., Massachusetts

09:30   Fluorinated Cyclic Ether-based Electrolytes for Stable Electrode/Electrolyte Interphases in Lithium Metal Batteries
Hafiz Ahmad Ishfaq
, Carolina Cruz Cardona, Elena Tchernychova, Patrik Johansson, Robert Dominko, Sara Drvarič Talian

Slovenia National Institute of Chemistry, University of Ljubljana, Alistore, Chalmers University of Technology

09:50   Understanding the Role of Zn2+ Solvation Environment in Enabling Efficient Cycling of Zn Metal Anodes
Dario Gomez Vazquez
, Travis P. Pollard, Julian Mars, Jimun Yoo, Hans-Georg Steinrück, Sharon E. Bone, Olga V. Safonova, Michael F. Toney, Oleg Borodin, Maria R. Lukatskaya

ETH, US Army Research Laboratory, University of Colorado Boulder, Universität Paderborn, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, PSI

10:10   Coffee and exhibition

10:30   (Invited) Design of Layered Electrode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries by Doping and Solvent Co-Intercalation
Philipp Adelhelm

Humboldt Universität Berlin, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

11:00    Quantifying the O-redox Contribution to the Charge Compensation Mechanism in Na0.67Mn0.62Fe0.19Al0.1O2 - Cathode Material for Na-ion Batteries
Dominika Baster
, Thorsten Schmitt, Adam H. Clark, Teguh C. Asmara, Yuan Wei, Zheng Tao, Juliana B. Falqueto, Mario El Kazzi


11:20    Sidorenkite-type Cathodes Na3Fe(XO4)(CO3) (X = P, Si) for High Energy Density Na-ion Batteries
Samuel Franz Gatti
, Andrea Testino, Sigita Trabesinger


11:40    New Electrode Formulation for High-Temperature Na-ZnCl2 Batteries
Sajad Rahimi
, Enea Svaluto-Ferro, Fabrizio Vagliani, Diego Basso, Alberto Turconi, Andrea Pozzi, Corsin Battaglia, Meike Heinz

Empa, Horien, formerly FZSoNick

12:00    Group photo

12:15    Lunch and exhibition

13:30   (Invited) The Development of Redox Flow Batteries with Solid Boosters: The NASTOR Project
Emmanuel Baudrin

Université de Picardie Jules Verne/CNRS

14:00   Design of Naphthalene Diimide for Highly Soluble and Stable Negolyte in Organic Redox Flow Batteries
Hye Ryung Byon

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

14:20   Exploring the Surface Chemistry and Electrochemical Performance of Plasma-Treated Carbon Felts for Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries
Sayed Ali Ahmad Alem
, Yining Huang, Dominik Wickenhauser, Bernhard Marius, Darlin Bregu, Christine Bandl, Stefan Spirk, Wolfgang Kern

Montanuniversität Leoben, Ecolyte, TU Graz

14:40    Coffee and exhibition

15:00   (Invited) Impedance Spectroscopy on Metal Anodes (tbd)
Jelena Popovic-Neuber

University of Stavanger

15:30   Diagnosing the Mechanism for Zn Dendrite Growth and Suppression via in situ Liquid Cell TEM
Yi Yuan
, Shengda D. Pu, Miguel A. Pérez-Osorio, Zixuan Li, Shengming Zhang, Sixie Yang, Boyang Liu, Chen Gong, Ashok S. Menon, Louis F. J. Piper, Xiangwen Gao, Peter G. Bruce, Alex W. Robertson

University of Oxford, University of Warwick, Global Institute of Future Technology

15:50   Kinetically Induced Memory Effect in Li-ion Batteries
Pierfrancesco Ombrini
, Qidi Wang, Alexandros Vasileiadis, Fangting Wu, Ziyao Gao, Xia Hu, Martijn van Hulzen, Baohua Li, Chenglong Zhao, Marnix Wagemaker

TU Delft, Tsinghua University

16:10   The Importance of Academic Research in Creating a European Battery Startup Ecosystem (tbd)
Kristina Edström

Uppsala University

16:40    End of day two

18:00    Conference dinner


 Wednesday, August 28

08:30    Coffee and exhibition

09:00    Welcome address industry day
Corsin Battaglia

Empa, iBAT

09:10    (Invited) Activation Durability of Carbon Electrodes for Vanadium Flow Batteries
Alasdair Robertson

Invinity Energy Systems

09:40    (Invited) Iron-Chromium Flow Batteries (tbd)
Tom Gebauer

Redox One

10:10    (Invited) All-Iron Flow Batteries (tbd)
John Alper


10:40    Coffee and exhibition

11:10    (Invited) Sodium Vanadium Fluorophosphates and Hard Carbon (tbd)
Mathieu Morcrette


11:40    (Invited) Commercial Sodium cathodes (tbd)
Minglong He


12:10    Poster award

12:20    Lunch and exhibition

13:30    Welcome address iBAT
Corsin Battaglia, Empa, iBAT

13:40   (Invited) Blue Solutions Keynote
Richard Bouveret


14:10    Thin-Film Solid-State Batteries
Moritz Futscher

14:30    High Performance Supercapacitors
Clara Moldovan


14:50    Coffee and exhibition

15:20    Multilayer Curtain Coating for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Paul Baade


15:40    Membraneless Flow Batteries
David Taylor

Unbound Potential

16:00    Closing remarks and end of conference

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