Electrohydrodynamic drying of biological materials


Type. Collaborative project

Funding. Empa & Dalhousie University internal

Duration. 5 years (2018-2023)

Collaborations. This project is a collaboration with Dalhousie University (Prof. A. Martynenko) .

Contact. Thijs Defraeye

Staff. Kamran Iranshahi (Master student Politecnico di Milano), Ivanna Bashkir (Master student Dalhousie University).


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  2. Defraeye T., Martynenko A. (2019), Electrohydrodynamic drying of multiple food products: Evaluating the potential of emitter-collector electrode configurations for upscaling, Journal of Food Engineering 240, 38-42. DOI and postprint
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  4. Defraeye T., Martynenko A. (2018), Future perspectives for electrohydrodynamic drying of biomaterials, Drying Technology 36, 1-10. DOI and postprint


Master student

Kamran Iranshahi


Master student

Ivanna Bashkir