Best-Practise Guide

This best practise guide is intended to provide Empa researchers with a guideline on how to organize, capture, store, preserve and share research data.

 As it is stated in the title, this guide provides the "best practice" concerning research data management compiled from various sources. It is not a binding document for Empa employees and every researcher has to take care that he/she complies with the legal requirements – especially from funding agencies such as SNSF and EU founded projects but also with the Empa Management Handbook (MHB).

This document should be a living document that is actually used in practice and helpful to our researchers. Any feedback on this best practice guide is therefore welcome and could be included in future versions.

The best practise guide has been written by Matthias Rösslein, senior scientist at Empa.


Writing a Data Management Plan

Formatting and Naming Data

Data Capture and Documentation

Storage, Backup and Security

Ethical and Legal Aspects

Data Sharing, Preservation, and Citation

Additional Resources