Terms of Stay

Duration of Stay
  • The rental period for the guest rooms or apartments is limited to a maximum of one year and is primarily available to Empa/Eawag staff and, if capacity is available, to ETH Zurich.


Security Deposit

Each guest/tenant is obliged to pay a deposit of CHF 600.- for a room or CHF 1000.- for an apartment (also for short stays). The deposit will be settled by means of a QR code payment slip after the guest's arrival. No cash payments are accepted in the guest house.

The guest/tenant is liable for the following, among others:

  • Loss of keys
  • Repairs of damages
  • Rough soiling of the room, which requires special cleaning
  • Gross soiling of common areas, furnishings and inventory, e.g. extremely dirty cookware, oven, microwave or failure to dispose of trash.
  • Gross violations of the rental agreement, house rules and instructions of the guest house organization.

Costs incurred will be charged to the guest.

Cleaning and Washing Rules


  • The subtenant is responsible for the cleaning of his/her own bedroom during his/her stay.
  • When subtenants change, the room is cleaned by professionals.
  • Should the cleaning at the end of the sublease contract necessitate unusual extra services, the additional costs will be charged to the guest.

Common Rooms

  • The subtenants are responsible for the basic tidiness and cleanliness of the common rooms.
  • Disposing of empty bottles (including PET), aluminium items, cardboards, waste-paper and domestic refuse every day is incumbent on the guests.
  • The common rooms are being cleaned professionally every week.

 Washing of the Laundry Provided

  • On arrival every subtenant is given two complete sets of bed linen and bath towels
  • During their stay, subtenants are responsible for washing these items by themselves
  • The subtenant is liable for any damage resulting from inadequate care
  • When subtenants change, the laundry sets are changed and laundered professionally
Check-in and check-out

Arrivals and departures must be scheduled on working days during guesthouse office hours. 

Check-in and check-out are unavailable during weekends and holidays as well as outside the guetshouse office hours. 

Arrivals and departures during the Chrsitmas and New Year's holidays are not possible



Information for Tenants

The residents in our guest house apartments originate from over 40 different countries and various cultures. We would like to remind you, that in Switzerland, apartment-sharing communities are generally mixed sex, i.e. men and women share an apartment.