Real Estate Services

Our section signs responsible for all infrastructural and logistical services at Empa Dübendorf and St. Gallen. This means building planning, execution of construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and many other real estate services.
Construction 3FI

As the client's representative, Construction 3FI develops and executes construction projects for three different research institutions (Empa, Eawag, WSL). Architects, engineers and administrative personnel help to maintain an optimal infrastructure for research by delivering their projects considering cost, time and quality constraints.




This subsection covers important services for a well-functioning research institute, such as the:

  • reception and the telephone switchboard
  • acceptance, distribution and dispatch of mail and parcel post
  • provision of materials for laboratories and employees' security
  • management of Empa's fleet

At Dübendorf and St. Gallen Infrastructure is in charge of:

Technical Services: the complete building equipment and appliances, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitary and electric facilities. Additionally, this subsection is responsible for the provision of energy and supply of water. A subgroup of infrastructure handles office furniture and its repair and relocation.

Facility Management: waste disposal, all different cleaning services and provision of rooms.

In St. Gallen we also manage the cafeteria for the employees and approximately 125 rooms to let for our international guests. In Dübendorf these accommodations are open for external people when capacity.

Kevin Olas
Head of Real Estate Services
Phone: +41 58 765 4164