Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Empa offers its research results to interested partners with a view to developing them into innovative products and applications together. In order to facilitate an efficient technology transfer, the Technology Transfer Office team supports researchers from Empa and Eawag in their collaborations with industrial partners and public or private institutions.

The TT-Office draws up the contractual arrangements for these collaborations in close cooperation with the researchers and takes responsibility for the protection of intellectual property.  

Its most important areas of responsibility:

  • Conclusion of research agreements

Analysis, drafting and negotiation of research contracts (e.g. supplementary Innosuisse contracts and R&D agreements) and other contractual agreements linked to research (e.g. confidentiality agreements or material transfer contracts)

  • Commercial realization of research results

Protection of intellectual property, search for suitable exploitation partners, licensing or sale of property rights

  • Further education of Empa researchers in the field of technology transfer


Empa is a member of the following TT networks: