Lab facilities

Our very well equipped laboratories (which include state-of-the-art measurement instrumentation) are available for use by our industrial partners and during research projects.
AuraLab for listening tests at Empa
Lightweight construction test facility

A new, unique platform for the investigation of sound transmission in lightweight structures. Four rooms can be assembled using lightweight construction techniques for the measurement of direct and indirect acoustic transmission in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions. Investigation of other structures, for example stair bedding etc. can be readily undertaken. The lightweight structures test facility is operated and financed in collaboration with the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS), Biel. The facility began operation on  30. Juni 2011.
Movable test facility for investigating airborne sound reduction
Airborne sound test facilities, including one with movable rooms and replaceable framework for accepting test objects, with suppressed flanking transmission for walls doors and windows.

Impact sound test facility
Reverberation chamber
Semi-anechoic room with acoustically hard floor

Anechoic chamber
Anechoic room
Anechoic chamber

Dr. Jean-Marc Wunderli
Head of Lab Acoustics/Noise Control

Phone: +41 58 765 4748