Checklist for Chip Modifications by FIB

1. Technology
  • The technology has __ metal layers in total.
  • Are there any fillers? (small, floating metal tracks)
    à if yes, they have to be included in the GDS file
  • The material of the metal layers and the fillers is Al or Cu? Or both?
    à please specify (if unknown, no modifications will be conducted)
  • Is there polyimide on top of the surface of the device?
    à if yes, please remove it

Supplementary info:

  • Figure of a cross-section of the technology
  • track width in μm
  • Thickness and material of top passivation and dielectric (SixNy, SiO2, …)
2. Operation and coordinates

A. Cut M__ track

Coordinates of the cut are (X=___ μm,Y=____ μm)

B. Connect M__ track and M__ track

Coordinates of the connection are (X1=___ μm,Y1=___ μm) and (X2=___ μm,Y2=___ μm)

Connect length?

  • Please give us the coordinates and detailed screenshots of the modifications
  • Furthermore, please give details on which layer in the GDS file is the corresponding metal layer (e.g. description: layer34 is M4, layer56 is M2, … the same for vias)
3. Chip list

Chip #a, Chip #b, Chip #c, … have to be modified.

Chip #d, …  is a or are dummy sample/s (one dummy sample is mandatory)