Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

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TOFI - Tongue Fitness Trainer

In this project we master the interfacing of ultra-thin capacitive pressure sensors on a customized dental rail with sub pico Farrad resolution using low power and wirelessly rechargeable, hermetically sealed electronics. The sensor values are transmitted to a mobile device with low latency, using an application specific Bluetooth LowEnergy profile. 

Project description

Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and is essential for your mind’s fitness. However, every second person worldwide is affected by sleep-disordered breathing which is often correlated to a lack of tongue muscle control. With this project, we are develop-ing a personalized and interactive tongue fitness (TOFI) therapy. We will develop a unique ultra-thin pressure-sensor as a tactile interface between the tongue and a smartphone app, integrated into person-alized clear dental rail. This "TOFI trainer” enables the patient to in-teract with the smartphone app using his tongue. The envisioned interactive myofunctional motor skills training will be able to in-crease strength and subconscious control of the tongue at night. It is well understood, that the successful outcome of a therapy de-pends on the intrinsic motivation of the patient, therefore we focus on the development of different gaming concepts for different per-sona and application scenarios. This will provide the patient with motivating and fun interaction, which will lead to a low therapy dropout rate. Thus, this project is a significant puzzle piece to pro-spectively prevent chronic snoring and light sleep apnea ensuring self-esteem and vitality as prerequisites for adolescent’s develop-ment and quality of life for adults.

The electronics and app developed in this project, were reused in the development of the EmpAIR Ventilation Advisor.

Research Partners
Dominik Bachmann Karmen Franinovic Florian Thieringer


Industrial Partner
Tino Töpper    


Funding Agency
Grant 34052.1 IP-LS