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Scibaffi is an acronym for Scalable Integrated Band-Pass Filter Fabrication and is a project of Empa and Swiss THz funded by Forschungsfonds Aargau. Terahertz (THz) technology is important for security and medical applications. There is an increasing market need for low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filters, to enhance sensitivity of detectors and cameras as well as to perform spectrally sensitive scientific experiments.


We work with a filter design based on metamaterials, which offers a wide parameter space, works on industrially relevant substrates and allows for manufacturing small to large quantities. While Empa focuses on the fabrication process, we master the entire chain from design, prototype production, characterization and process optimization for manufacturing. The partners have a track record in THz imaging and spectroscopy as well as nano and micro fabrication (Empa) and in commercializing THz products (Swiss THz). The project aims at developing prototype filters by designing, manufacturing and characterizing band-pass and low pass filters ready to be integrated in various THz devices such as cameras. The developed process flow will allow providing both, dedicated high-end filters for camera integration as well as freestanding filters for the standard THz market.


External funding:

Forschungsfonds Aargau (FFAG) project 20200331_07_SCIBAFFI.


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Swiss THz


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A set of filters after cleanroom fabrication.



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