Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Engineering Group

We have a lot of experience in electronic development from soldering, electronic de-velopment, PCB design, customized electronic equipment and devices and in repair of electronic equipment.We are happy to collaborate with you and to find solutions for your electronic needs.

We offer support to specify your need before you order electronic equipment and even have electronic supply & measurement equipment to help you out!

Types of activities

  • Develop and simulate electronic circuits, which fit your needs.
  • Design and layout of PCB
  • Support in electrical characterization of your devices
  • Support in test, repair and maintenance of electronic equipment and devices
  • Running small electronic storage (R,L,C, some connectors and semiconductors) and solder-ing workshop
  • Short term equipment lending (up to a few days)

Projects (selection)

Equipment (selection):

  • Scopes up to 2 GHz / 10 GSps
  • USB Spectrum Analyzer
  • USB Vector Network Analyzer
  • Function Generators
  • Equipment for Voltage measurement (nano to kilo), Current measurement (pico to kilo) and Resistance measurement (micro to tera)
  • LCR-Meters
  • SMUs
  • Power supplies (AC and DC)
  • Electronic loads (AC and DC)
  • ESD Gun
  • CAD Software Altium Designer and KiCAD
  • Spice Simulation (eg. LTSpice)
  • Manual solder paste printer using stencils
  • Manual pick and place system with split optics
  • Reflow oven