Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Engineering Group

We have expertise in LabVIEW, FPGA and Microcontroller software engineering, multifunction data ac-quisition, motor control, device and wireless communication, as well as image acquisition and pro-cessing.

We offer support in selecting hardware components or develop specialized hardware in cooperation with the electronics development team.


Types of activities
  • LabVIEW software development (DAQ, Vision, Motion, RT, FPGA …)
  • FPGA software development (VHDL)
  • Programming of Embedded Systems (C/C++, Micropython, Python …)
  • Support of selecting hardware components for measurement and automation tasks (Motor stages, Cameras, DAQ systems, Sensors ...)
  • Creating LabVIEW device drivers for 3rd party hardware components (DLL, .NET, ActiveX ...)
  • Device communication (Serial, Ethernet, CAN, GPIB, I2C, SPI ...)
  • Wireless protocols (Bluetooth, WiFi …)
  • Image acquisition & processing
  • Mobile Apps (Android, iOS)
Projects (selection)
DIMES, Advanced integrated testing methods to detect cracks and delamination as a structural health monitoring system for aircraft.
EmpAIR, CO2 monitoring

ESCO, universal Empa Stepper Controller

A universal interface to stepper motors and optional accessories with a simple interface.

SAM / Torso, Physiological measurements with a heated, sweating and agile manikin. 
TOFI, Tongue fitness trainer for snoring therapy
ZH-Exhalomics (IrSens), A compact optical instrument to detect and assess the relevance of potential biomarkers for asthma in young children’s exhaled breath.