Tissue-Regenerative Soft Materials

Research activities


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The "Tissue-Regenerative Soft Materials" Group is a joint group of the Laboratories for 'Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles' and 'Biointerfaces' in Empa's Research Focus Area 'Health'. With an interdisciplinary team of polymer scientists, biologists, and biomedical engineers, we focus on the development of functional polymers and multi-scale processing technologies to achieve soft materials for in vitro tissue engineering and in vivo tissue regeneration.

  • Design and Synthesis of Polymers: We create polymers with customized structures and bioactive functionalities to meet specific research and application needs.
  • Fabrication of Soft Materials and Devices: Utilizing advanced techniques such as injection molding, electrospinning, and microfluidic wet-spinning, we develop innovative soft materials and devices.
  • Biological Response Evaluation: We conduct comprehensive studies to assess the biological responses to our designed soft materials. 


Kongchang Wei, Dr.
Scientific group leader
Keywords: polymer chemistry and physics; supramolecular biomaterials; tissue engnieering; microfluidics


Thomas Ramsauer, Dr.
Laboratory technician
Keywords: Polymer purification and analysis


Julia Hau, MSc
Laboratory technician
Keywords: Cell culture; Biomechanical testing


Tobias Hammer
PhD candidate, ETHZ, D-HEST
Project: Biomimetic membranes for in vitro skin models


Wuchao Wang
PhD candidate, ETHZ, D-HEST
Project: Microfluidic wet spinning of bio-based polymer fibers


Dardan Bajrami
(Guest) PhD candidate, ZHAW; ETHZ, D-HEST
Project: Photothermal-based skin model


Katharina Hast
(Guest) PhD candidate, ETHZ, D-HEST
Project: Supramolecular hydrogels for in vitro tissue models


Dominique Grimm
PhD student, ETHZ, D-HEST
Project: Soft patch for "Swiss Cheese" ventricular septal defect closure


Anna-Lena Bauknecht
PhD student, ETHZ, D-HEST
Project: Soft patch for "Swiss Cheese" ventricular septal defect closure


Tobias Spirig
Master student, ETHZ
Project: Electro-spun soft hydrogel membranes


Martina Steiger
Master student, ETHZ
Project: 3D culturing of immune cells with hydrogels