Qun Ren

Research interests

My educational background lies in Microbiology and Biotechnology. I’m experienced in the development of various application-oriented in vitro biofilm models and biofilm assessment, which are applied for screening and developing novel antimicrobial compounds and materials. My research interests are focused on understanding bacteria-material interactions and designing new approaches to prevent/treat biofilm infections.

Memberships in national and international organizations

  • Member of the Swiss Society for Microbiology
  • Editorial board members: OA Biotechnology, Scientifica
  • Guest Editor: Materials
  • Reviewer of scientific journals such as Biomacromolecules, Macromolecules, Biointerfaces, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, BMC Microbial Cell Factories

Dr. Qun Ren
Group leader Bacteria and Materials Interactions

Phone: +41 58 765 7688