Gold Fiber

We developed an industrially feasible reel-to-reel process for the nano-scaled metallization of fibers. The pilot-plant reactor concept and process have been transferred to Serge Ferrari Tersuisse SA in 2007. Beside the deposition of different metals and metal oxides, pure gold-coated fibers have attracted huge interest for high fashion resulting in garments, lingerie and accessories comprising gold fibers. In addition, technical applications with strong requirements avoiding electrostatic charging are enabled.
Ties and accessories made of gold-coated fibers
Further collaborations

Gold fibers are produced by Serge Ferrari Tersuisse SA for Bischoff Textil who has a cooperation with
Nominated for Design Award Switzerland 2015
the watch manufacturing company Hublot. Delicate embroideries are used to decorate the dial, bezel and wristband of a luxury watch.


Manufacturer of metal-coated fibers such as Gold and Silver Filament Yarns


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