EDA-DOPO is REACH registered

EDA-DOPO which was developed in Empa as a novel non-toxic flame retardant together with FoamPartner(Oberwolfhauserstrasse 9, 8633 Wolfhausen ZH) in a CTI project is finally REACH registered. The upscaling and synthesis of EDA-DOPO was also finalized in collaboration with Metadynea, Austria. EDA-DOPO is intended to be used in fire safe polyurethane foams. Currently other exciting fire safe applications of EDA-DOPO in coatings and bulk polymers are under investigations.

Flame retardant coatings for wood
We joined hands with Jet Aviation Basel in a CTI project (GEFCAA) to develop environmentally and effective coating solution for wood veneer products. The new coating protects business jet interiors against fire. Not only is the agent more effective in fire protection but it is also compatible with current production process and environmentally friendly.
Flame Retarded Wood Coatings flying in Business Jets
Further collaborations

Bruag AG worked with Empa in a CTI project (FORBADE) where the goal was to develop flame retardant coatings for wooden architectures which are manufactured cia laser cutting. Novel P-C containing organosphosphorus based bridged triazine compounds were synthesized (Scheme 1). All compounds was produced at an industrial scale in high yield and fully characterized. The flame retardant performance of these organophorphorus compounds was investigated and showed high efficacy in both the gas and condensed phases.


Scheme 1: Representative synthetic methodology of organophosphorus based bridged triazine compound
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