Group Tissue-Regenerative Soft Materials

Vision & Mission
What do we do?

We develop bioactive polymers and microfluidic technologies to achieve soft materials for in vitro and in vivo tissue regeneration.

Why we do this?

To provide optimal healing of tissue injuries that don't self-heal.

How do we do this?
  • Design and synthesis of bioactive polymers with tailored structures and biological functions
  • Fabrication of soft materials with controllable mechanical and topographical properties by using injection molding, electrospinning and microfluidic wet-spinning technologies
  • Evaluating in vitro and vivo biological response to the designed soft materials
Who are we?

An interdisciplinary team of polymer scientists, biologists, and biomedical engineers.

Where are we at Empa?

We are a joint group of the Laboratories for 'Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles' and 'Biointerfaces' in Empa's Research Focus Area 'Health and Performance'.