Group Skin Mimicking Structures

Vision & Mission
What do we do?

Our research focuses on electrospinning and encapsulation. Specifically, we investigate the fabrication of particles and semi-permeable fibrous membranes for biomedical and engineering applications in sectors such as functional clothing, home improvement, sensors, catalysis, particle filtration and wound healing, as well as general household, healthcare and cosmetics.

This includes:

  • Tailored, responsive materials for the conditional release of active ingredients (e.g. drugs and volatiles)
  • More sustainable ("greener") and bio-compatible alternative compositions/methodologies
  • Composite materials from membranes and wovens or non-wovens, as well as their chemical functionalization and finishing, for functional textiles
  • Comprehensive physical, chemical and biological analysis, testing and optimization of such complex textile products
Why do we do this?

We support the Swiss industry by supplying ideas from our academic research, providing expertise in electrospinning/encapsulation approaches and the proof-of-concept, plus assisting in developing the final innovative products. These innovations directly benefit consumers and society by providing targeted solutions to specific everyday problems.

How do we do this?
  • Electrospinning and particle fabrication on the lab scale to fine-tune parameters and composition for the desired membrane/particle morphology and product requirements
  • Upscaling to pilot production using a continuous needleless electrospinning setup and a fluidized bed coater/spray dryer
  • Intra- and interdepartmental cooperation with experts in materials processing and analysis to ensure optimal properties and manufacturing conditions
  • Collaboration with partners from academia and industry throughout the process to facilitate final production and implementation
Who are we?

Our team consists of material and nano scientists, physicists, chemists, as well as biomedical and technical engineers.

Where are we at Empa?

We are part of the Laboratory for 'Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles' in Empa's Research Focus Area 'Health and Performance' .

Prof. Dr. René M. Rossi

Prof. Dr. René Rossi
Co-Head of Departement 'Materials meet Life'

Head of Laboratory 'Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles'

Phone: +41 58 765 7765

A tour through our manufacturing labs, where we demonstrate our electrospinning and spraying/spray-coating facilities.

The following video offers a glimpse into our textile processing and testing work, specifically some of our compositing, finishing and filter characterization techniques.