Kalcos – Determination of thermal properties

conductivity and resistance

Thermal conductivity and thermal resistance are the measure of the ease or difficulty with which heat energy is conducted through a material (R-value). The thermal properties of materials can be determined at Empa using a guarded hot-plate, constructed in accordance with EN 12667. Materials can be tested using:

  • a double plate configuration - suitable for materials that, when in use, have their outer faces shielded from the ambient air, e.g. air mattresses, textiles (ISO 5085-1) and gloves (EN511 contact cold), or
  • a single plate configuration - suitable for materials that, when in use, have an outer surface that is exposed to the ambient air, e.g. outerwear, sleeping bags, etc.
Test procedure

In short, a temperature gradient is created across the test material. The amount of power required to maintain the measurement plate at a constant predefined temperature is used to determine the insulative properties of the material. Two plate sizes (200 x 200 mm, or 600 by 600 mm) are available.

If you have any queries regarding the suitability, cost or time frames associated with this testing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Measurement setup "Kalcos"
Relevant standards

EN 511
Protective gloves against cold; contact cold

ISO 5085-1
Textiles; determination of thermal resistance; part 1: low thermal resistance

EN 12667
Thermal performance of building materials and products - Determination of thermal resistance by means of guarded hot plate and heat flow meter methods - Products of high and medium thermal resistance