Thin films, coatings and layers

Layer of YSZ electrolyte onto Ni-YSZ anode onto Si wafer

The Advanced Colloidal Materials Engineering group is also active in developing coatings and layered materials. Together with the Energy Conversion Department at EMPA a novel method for solid oxide fuel cells. Via the low-cost sol-gel route developed in our department a thin film of porous Ni/YSZ composite can be deposited as anode material on a substrate (Si wafer). This is then followed by a coating of the anode with a dense YSZ electrode deposited via aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition.

Furthermore, in addition to other, various sol-gel-based inorganic oxide and organ-ic/inorganic oxide hybrid thin films with precise control over physical / surface properties, for detection and sensing applications, the lab is currently also working on a novel polymer precursor chemistry for novel hybrid coatings.