Platform for MXenes from MAX phases with tailorable properties for advanced applications

Lab 312 is engaged in an ambitious internally funded project, TailorX. This project involves collaboration across four different Empa laboratories with a budget of 750,000 CHF for a duration of 2 years. The primary objective of TailorX is to develop a material synthesis platform, aimed at enhancing and expanding Empa's research endeavors in the emerging class of 2D MXenes. Furthermore, the project seeks to demonstrate the potential applications of these materials in selected fields. Our lab role will specifically focus on developing etching and exfoliation routes from novel MAX phase precursors, along with the characterization of the MAX phases and derived MXenes to understand the correlation of their surface terminations, microstructures, and tailored properties. Overall, the project aims to advance the understanding and utilization of 2D MXenes, contributing to Empa's research in this promising field.

Further information

Dr. Shanyu Zhao
Group leader in Functional Aerogel Materials Group

Phone: +41 58 765 4244