Mixing of concrete

We offer state-of-the-art mixing possibilities for ultra high performance concretes (UHPC) with extremely low water-to-binder ratio and high fibers content thanks to our high-performance 80-l concrete mixers. For larger volume of the samples, we can mix up to 270 liters of concrete in one batch. In most of the test, stable properties of the raw materials are of upmost importance. We can provide them thanks to our large-scale aggregates preparation facility and climate controlled rooms for storing cementitious materials.
Preparation of highly controlled aggregates in our silo facility
At the same time, we can focus on the basic physical properties of cement paste without the defect-introducing entrapped air by employing our miniature vacuum mixers. This mixing technique is employed in particular for preparing samples for microstructural characterization, e.g. for microscopy of X-ray tomography, porosimetry etc.
80l ultra high performance concrete mixer
270l concrete mixer