Static Tests

In our laboratory as well as on site we are able to conduct mechanical tests on large structures with high loads.

Customers from Switzerland and from all over the world are relying on our expertise, experience and flexibility for more than 55 years.

In the framework of R&D, certification and validation we are serving amongst others clients from the following industries and authorities

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Railway
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Materials testing
  • Certification authorities
  • Standardization authorities
  • Legal authorities



Amsler 20MN

Static-hydraulic-  and electro-mechanic universal test systems

Load types: static in tension, compression, shear and bending

Rated force capacities: 20kN up to 20MN (compression) and 30MN (tension)


Servo-hydraulic test systems and actuators

Load types: static, dynamic and fatigue in tension, compression, shear and bending as well as load combinations

Rated force capacities: 8kN up to 1MN

Frequency range: 0.01Hz up to 50Hz



Pulsator test systems and actuators

Load type: fatigue in tension, compression and bending

Rated force capacities: 10kN up to 6.7MN

Frequency range: 2Hz up to 4Hz

Temperature chambers

Temperature range: -40°C to +250°C
Strong Floor

2 strong floors for customized test set-ups
Dimensions: l x w x h = 40m x 12m x 13m and 14m x 7m x 11.5m
Spacing of anchorage points: 1.2m
Capacity per anchorage point: up to 2MN

These strong floors enable us to fit and adapt a test set-up to a specimen according to the needs of our customers. Our accreditation as a laboratory type C proofs our qualification and experience for conducting such service work.

Data acquisition systems
Sensors for load, displacement, strain, acceleration, temperature, humidity
3D - digital image correlation system DIC

In cooperation with other Empa laboratories we are able to measure almost every data that can be imagined in context with mechanical tests.


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