Dynamic Tests

The services in structural dynamics comprises vibration serviceability assessments on structures such as footbridges, floors etc. as well as dynamic tests on complete structures such as bridges, buildings, dams etc. or on structural components for characterising their dynamic properties. Our long term experience and engagement in research enable us to apply state of the art as well as leading-edge methods for achieving best results for the Client. In tests we can deploy several types of mass shakers and a great variety of sensing instrumentation.


With our servo-hydraulic mass shakers we can excite structures at a specific position up to a peak force of 20 kN with a single frequency or within a specific frequency band. For heavy structures such forced vibration tests achieve results that better represent the performance of the structure under operational conditions since natural frequencies and damping ratios usually depend on vibration amplitudes. We have experience on performing forced vibration tests on footbridges, road bridges, buildings and dams.


We investigate the earthquake performance of structural and secondary components and develop design recommendations. Besides dynamic tests with shakers, in our testing laboratory we can perform complex quasi-static cyclic tests. Our servo-hydraulic equipment allows to us to perform tests with several simultaneously controlled jacks. This enables us to generate moments or forces acting individually in two or three directions. In investigations requiring shaking table tests we collaborate with Ruag AG, Oerlikon. We have experience in investigating the earthquake performance of timber walls, cable trays, balcony connections etc.

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