Our lab has a strong focus on the material structure  - either in the form of the native wood, individual cellulose fibril, extracted wood biopolymers or the wood cell wall - and use this as a starting point in our research to understand how these structures can be optimally used in new materials. This multiscale approach involves a combination of high-resolution microscopy, spectroscopy, scattering and mechanical analysis to probe material properties at the nano and microscopic length scale. This knowledge is then used to understand and predict the macroscopic material response with the ultimate goal to improve or introduce new functionality ot cellulose and wood based materials e.g. magnetic, electronic or biological. For further control of the material properties we also combine natural existing structures or self-assembly of extracted wood components with artificial structuring techniques such as 3D printing, physical templating or through the use of specific interactions with other biological building blocks in biohybrid materials. For more specific information about the research topics and ongoing projects please visit the individual research group pages.


 Nanocellulose & biopolymer hybrids

 Fungal & enzymatic bioengineering