Cellulose Biohybrids

The research of the Cellulose Biohybrids group is focused on the development of new active, renewable and functional biomaterials using cellulose as an integral material component. To achieve this we are combining fundamental work understanding single cellulose particle structure and colloidal assembly with applied work aimed at the strategic application of cellulose in new and existing materials. We are a highly interdisciplinary team of material scientists, chemists, physicists and engineers and our ways of working are open to all cultures and genders. Our activities are currently divided into three main areas: printed cellulose materials & devices, cellulose biohybrid materials and cellulose for cultural heritage. In addition to this work we are also exploring the application of our cellulose materials in collaboration with industry. 


Focus Topics

Printed Cellulose Materials & Devices (Dr. Gilberto Siqueira, Dr. Gustav Nyström)

  • Ink development for cellulose-based 3D printing of hydrogels, aerogels and composites
  • Understanding the interplay between material component, structure and fuctionality
  • Realization of 2D and 3D devices with integrated structural, sensing and energy functionality


Green Batteries (Dr. Gustav Nyström)

  • Developing energy storage technologies relying on non toxic and biodegradable components
  • Using advanced manufacturing and printing technologies for customized integration
  • Putting microorganisms to work in fungal biobatteries and harnessing energy from degradation processes


Cellulose Biohybrid Materials (Dr. Silvia Campioni, Dr. Gustav Nyström)

  • Unravelling colloidal self-assembly mechanisms in confinement, bulk and at interfaces
  • New functionality through synergistic combinations of cellulose with other biopolymers and proteins
  • Bioinspired hierarchical foams and aerogels for energy and environmental remediation


Development, Design & Technology of Functional Materials (Dr. Thomas Geiger)

  • Materials research and process development for functional bio-materials and their applications
  • Evaluation and processing of renewable raw materials, biopolymers and their composites
  • Realization of sustainable products for industry and society
  • Transfer of novel bio-materials and processes into an industrial environment (technology transfer)