Inkjet Printing


The PiXDRO LP50 is a desktop R&D inkjet printer for functional printing applications. The LP50 has a modular design and can be configured for a wide range of applications in printed electronics.

Schematic of the Inkjet printing process and the PiXDRO LP50 in the CCC

Key features

  • LP50 has an open platform with the possibility to use different printheads:
    • Spectra S-class (Fujifilm Dimatix)
    • KM-512 with integrated UV-curing (Konica Minolta)
    • DMC disposable cartridges (Fujifilm Dimatix)
  • Printing area: 327 - 227 mm (DIN A4 size)
  • Accuracy < 20 μm (3σ)
  • Feature size down to 20 μm
  • Inks: solvent based (incl. nano particle), aqueous, hotmelt and UV-curable inks within a viscosity range 1 - 20 cP
  • Special feature: Advanced drop analysis (ADA) for easy characterization of ink and print head jetting performance