Physical vapor deposition (PVD)
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  • ALD system (Fiji CT2 from Ultratech)
  • CVD systems        
Wet processing
  • Spin coaters
  • Chemical bath deposition 
Photonic annealing
  • Flash Lamp Annealing (PulseForge 1300 from Novacentrix)    
  • Tunable UV lamp           
  • Rapid thermal annealing system RTP (ASOne-150 from Annealsys)
  • Deep UV system (UV253H from Filgen)         
Laser processing
  • Laser scribing  system     
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu UV 3600)
  • Solar cell characterization: I-V, EQE, IVT, admittance
  • Time-resolve photoluminescence (MicroTime 100 PicoQuant)          
  • Profilometer (AlphaStep P120)
  • Electroluminescence setup
  • Accelerated lifetime testing (Stress chamber)   
Thin film batteries
  • Ar-filled glovebox line with in-situ transfer between sputter and evaporation chambers