Online monitoring

Dynamical processes such as laser, complex friction or crack related failure are in many cases either very difficult or time consuming to model. The main reasons are divers such as high non-linearity in the process (laser), or high stochasticity in the process (tribology and fracture mechanics). Under such circumstances, online monitoring is the only alternative to guarantee the process robustness. Hence, research at Empa focused on developing novel in situ and real-time monitoring systems for online diagnostic of components and/or structural materials. In this field, our mission is threefold.

  • First, get fundamental understanding of the dynamical processes.

  • Second, getting a full understanding of the sensors and develop opto-acoustic sensors

  • Third, develop new machine learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms

  • Fourth, putting 1-3 together, develop new in situ and real-time monitoring systems to detect any process quality deviation, defect creation and/or microstructure and predict the remaining lifetime for components and/or structural materials used in industry.



Selected projects

  • In situ and real-time monitoring of AM process

  • In situ and real-time monitoring of laser welding processes

  • Control of laser welding process

  • In situ and real-time monitoring of laser osteotomy

  • Online monitoring of tribological systems to avoid friction-related failures

  • Online monitoring of pre-weakening of rocks using electrical discharge


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