Awards of section 204

Awards 2015 - 2023

Best Poster Award - PhD Symposium 2023
"Tailoring Chemical Composition and Directional Solidification for Engineered Microstructure and
Enhanced Mechanical Performance in Eutectic High Entropy Alloys"

Julia Chmielewska, Christian Leinenbach
Awarding Institution: EMPA


Empa Research Award
Kenel Christoph, 2017, Awarding Institution: Empa

SVMT prize for master thesis entitled: Optimization of Functional Properties of Barium Titanate Thin Films
Blum Muriel, 2016, Awarding Institution: EPFL

Best oral presentation of PhD student
Reinke Michael, Additional persons: Kuzminykh Yury and Patrik Hoffmann, 2015, Awarding Institution: CCMX, Switzerland

Best oral presentation entitled "Dual scale micro-nano surface features fabricated on mesoporous alumina samples through replication technique using ceramic colloidal suspension"
Rowthu Sriharitha, Additional persons: Böhlen Karl and  Hoffmann Patrik, 2015, Awarding Institution: European Materials Research Society, Fall Meeting, Warsaw, 2015

Best poster award entitled "Wetting and tribological characterizations of alpha-alumina composite"
Rowthu Sriharitha, Additional persons Balic Edin and Hoffmann Patrik, 2015, Awarding Institution: CCMX, Swizerland