Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing


Our mission is the search for methods and processes for innovative consolidation and functional modification of materials by studying, monitoring, and understanding beam and plasma induced processing. Key words: 3-D printing – multiscale modelling – real time monitoring – large scale laser microprocessing. We offer to the society and industry methods for the creation of novel nanostructured materials, their shape-forming and integration into devices.

Our core competences

  • materials interactions with micro-waves-IR-NIR-vis-UV-DUV waves as well as with electrons
  • laser processing technologies (additive manufacturing, welding, ablative micro- and nano-structuring)
  • safe production and handling of powders, including nanoparticles
  • functional modification of small particle diameter powders (40 µm to 0.02 µm)
  • design of new high-performance materials such as metal alloys and composites
  • optical and acoustical real-time observation and monitoring of processes
  • data analysis by machine learning and artificial intelligence

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