Use NEST for your event

NEST partners have the possibility to receive individual tours for themselves and their customers and use NEST’s infrastructure for their own events. The extent of this service is determined by the involvement and contributions of the partner in question.
Your own events at NEST
As a NEST partner, you are entitled to a certain quota of events at NEST in accordance with your partner contract. The NEST team will provide one to two tour guides for these events. 
The maximum group size for events that take place solely at NEST is 60 people. The maximum group size for NEST tours is 20 people, whereby parallel tours of two groups are possible. The following infrastructure is available: 
  • Presentation room (max. 60 people standing)
  • Multifunctional room (max. 60 people standing)
  • Rooftop (max. 40 people) 

For groups of more than 60 people or for plenum presentations with more than 30 people, we recommend to use the Empa Academy as an alternative for joint program items. Catering and registration logistics are not included. Registration logistics, including supervision on site, can be provided for a fee.

Supervised visits with business associates
As a NEST partner, you have the possibility of a brief NEST visit with your customers. The NEST team will provide one tour guide.
Temporary exhibitions
It is possible to organize a temporary exhibition in the entrance area of the atrium for a maximum of one week. Preferably, this will be combined with an event.
Use of conference rooms and offices
Several conference rooms and rooms for workshops and co-creation are open to NEST partners. Details available upon request.

Room equipment and setups
Further information about the equipment in the NEST rooms and the setups that are available for meetings and events can be found here