Opening of the Sprint unit Download
Author: Martin Zeller

Opening of the HiLo unit Download
Authors: please see the captions document here

DFAB HOUSE Opening Event at NEST

Opening of the DFAB HOUSE unit Download
Author: Nicolas Zonvi


DFAB HOUSE during construction and after completion Download
Author: Roman Keller

NEST SolAce unit

Opening of the SolAce unit Download
Authors: Roman Keller, Gian Vaitl

UMAR - Urban Mining & Recycling Unit / NEST

Opening of the Urban Mining & Recycling unit Download
Authors: Zooey Braun, Stuttgart; Wojciech Zawarski; Empa

Opening NEST Solar Fitness & Wellness unit

Opening of the Solar Fitness & Wellness Unit Download
Author: Empa / Gian Vaitl

NEST Solar Fitness & Wellness unit

The Solar Fitness & Wellness Unit Download
Author: Empa / Reinhard Zimmermann

Construction NEST SFW

Construction of Solar Fitness & Wellness Download
Author: Empa

NEST Opening

NEST Opening Download
Author: Empa

NEST Architecture
NEST Architecture Download
Author: Roman Keller

Nest Vision Wood
Build-in of Vision Wood Download

Author: Empa

NEST Aufrichte 2015
Topping out Download
Author: Empa

NEST ground breaking ceremony
Groundbreaking Download
Author: Empa

NEST Visualisations Download

Authors: Empa / Gramazio Kohler Architects

Footage available on request: , +41 58 765 49 93

General Information

NEST Booklet (pdf)