Completed Projects

Temperature Development in Vehicle Tank when Refuelling Hydrogen (Project eHF)

Analysis of the temperature rise within vehicle tanks during fast re-fuelling of hydrogen by means of measurements and CFD simulations. Different fuelling scenarios are investigated to minimize the energy consumption of hydrogen refuelling stations.

Hydrogen Production and Refueling (350 and 700 bar)

Construction of a 200-kW hydrogen generation plant with a capacity of around 3 kg H2/h, a compression and high-pressure storage facility (at 450 and 900 bar) for 150 kg H2 and pumps for a refueling facility at 350 and 700 bar.

Developing the Power-to-Gas Technology (Project STORE&GO)

27 partner organizations and companies from all over Europe collaborate in the STORE&GO project to integrate Power-to-Gas technology into the future European energy system. The project is funded by the European Union's "Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme" and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Information on the project and involved partners are available via the following link:

Standardize Swiss Energy Demonstrators (Project CEDA)

In Switzerland, six energy demonstrators serve as research platforms for different technologies, systems, and scaling. In their analysis, CEDA will standardize these demonstrators in order to show the impact of existing technologies on nationwide implementation in Switzerland.

Methane / Hydrogen Mixture (350 bar HCNG)

Planning, realization and simulation of a hydrogen admixture facility for natural/biogas. Gas vehicles with up to 25 Vol-% H2 (equivalent to 9 energy-%) in natural/biogas. An HCNG project vehicle is being developed in parallel, which will be operated in practice for a period of two years (HCNG = Hydrogen-Enriched Compressed Natural Gas).

Hydrogen Road Sweeper (hy.muve II)

In order to optimize the fuel cell drive further, a hydrogen-powered road sweeper is being operated in Dübendorf for two years to test its efficiency on a day-to-day basis. The focus is particularly on the packaging and the ageing behavior of the fuel cell and battery with a view to modular mass production.

Real Consumption Model and Mixed Corporate/Private Car-Sharing

Development of a scientifically based model for the calculation of realistic consumption levels that is being validated in practice with a test fleet. The project is coupled with an experiment involving a mixed company/private use of vehicles (car-sharing). The test fleet includes a gas vehicle, an electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid vehicle and a fuel cell vehicle. The gas vehicle is operated with 100% biogas from the supplier Energie 360°.

Feasibility Study for Power-to-Fuel in Switzerland

Development of a scenario for the use of surplus renewable electricity for power-to-fuel plants. All the technical processes necessary to convert electricity into synthetic fuel are analyzed and coupled with scientific analyses.