Support for new, innovative companies and collaborative research opportunities with Empa and Eawag are important to us. Our glatec business incubator is able to provide competent and non-bureaucratic support for such ventures.

If you are looking for support and advice for new or existing firms in the following areas:

  • company creation and expansion
  • financing
  • specialist support
  • premises and other facilities
  • collaborative research opportunities with Empa and/or Eawag (aquatic research)
  • access to industrial partners and customers

We will be happy to provide you with further information:

Alumni endorsements

"On behalf of the Optotune staff, I want to thank you for the great support over the last three years. We learned to appreciate the Empa and will never forget the friendly and helpful people that we have met in Dübendorf."

Dr. Manuel Aschwanden, co-founder and CEO of Optotune, a former glaTec start-up

"Empa continues to be our technical mentor. We do a lot of testing together and undertake the certification of all our products at Empa. Whenever a technical difficulty crops up, the relevant specialists at Empa are always on hand to help."

Dr. Andreas Winistoerfer, co-founder and CEO of Carbo-Link, a former Empa spin-of