Leasing Premises

Startup companies choosing to lease premises in the business incubator are, as a rule, allowed to remain on-site for up to three years and, during this time, are able to benefit from the advantageous leasing terms and infrastructure made available to them. At the end of this period, the firms are generally in a position to have enough equity and credit at their disposal to be able to set themselves up independently of Empa.
The following infrastructure is included in the rental:
  • reception facilities
  • security and supervision of the buildings located on the Empa/Eawag site
  • postal and dispatch services
  • the operation and maintenance of plant and equipment provided as infrastructure
  • buildings and site maintenance
  • cleaning operations, in accordance with Empa Dubendorf’s cleaning schedules
  • energy and media costs
  • waste disposal
  • first aid station and emergency detachment
  • provision of office furnishings
  • access to the library, seminar rooms and canteen facilities

Advice and support during the important start-up phase (strategic and operational interests) are also included. These services are mainly provided on site at glatec. As such, they are supported by on-site network and maintenance partnerships.

Additional infrastructure and facilities such as laboratories and special equipment are not included in the leasing arrangements.

Access to additional maintenance facilities, special laboratories or the use of special equipment can be arranged on an individual basis by agreement with the relevant department or section. All costs associated with the provision of such facilities are calculated on a commercial basis.

Reduction of leasing and additional costs for start-ups
  • 50% during 1st year
  • 25% during 2nd year
  • 15% during 3rd year

Glatec Building Dübendorf
Galtec Building Dübendorf