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The Energy Hub offers a real-world environment for research partners in which they can answer their research questions regarding energy management in neighbourhoods. The close cooperation with industry partners provides valuable inputs and insights.


ehub fosters the collaboration between the industry and research sector. Academic partners have the possibility to implement their developments and work closely with industry partners to create new marketable solutions. Depending on the scope of these projects, they can be funded by Innosuisse, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy or industry partners themselves. Further information about the typical project timeline is available here.

ehub platform

ehub combines the demonstrators NEST and move to an energy district, which includes individual energy components, supply grids and real users. Partners can take control of the existing infrastructure while it is in full operation and validate their own control algorithms or operating scenarios in a real-world neighbourhood. Read more about the platform here. You can also find a short video about the ehub here.



Use our infrastructure and data to find answers to your research questions. For further information please contact Philipp Heer .

Success Story: data predictive controller

The ehub team utilized the infrastructure and data of the Energy Hub to develop and test a novel, self-learning heating control system. The result: the intelligent control system saves 24.9% of cooling energy while increasing the level of comfort. Please find further information about the project here. The research paper is available here.

Project Timeline

Typical projects aim to validate new control algorithms and technologies. First, the project idea is speci-fied and the components are defined. Afterwards, the analysis follows, in which complexities and the goal of the project are determined. In the next step, the relevant components and networks are simu-lated before they are validated in defended tests. This is done in a real-world environment. During all those steps, the industry provides crucial inputs ensuring a successful transition of the developed technology.


All publications on the Energy Hub can be found here

Science meets Industry

At Energy Hub, partners from science and industry are working together to implement the latest research in the field of renewable energy. The following video will provide you with a deeper insight into the ehub projects.

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