ehub – Energy Hub

ehub is an energy research platform for research and business partners. Its aim lies in optimizing energy management from the component up to district level together with its partners. Furthermore, ehub allows for the evaluation of the influence of sustainable technologies on the entire energy system. In conjunction with the other Empa demonstrators NEST and move, ehub can be used to combine energy flows in the mobility, residential and work sector, test new energy concepts under real-world conditions and explore the potential for increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.


A self-learning algorithm that helps save heating energy

With energy prices soaring, heating costs will also inevitably rise in the coming winter. In order to mitigate this, solutions for operating buildings more efficiently are needed. The Empa spin-off viboo has developed an algorithm that makes it possible to operate even older buildings with around 25 percent less energy – while user comfort remains the same or even improves.

How can we heat in a climate-friendly and independent way in the future?

Philipp Heer, head of the Energy Hub, was a guest on the knowledge podcast "Durchblick" and talked, among other things, about the potential that heating systems based on renewable electricity can have for achieving our climate targets (talk in German).

Launch of the NCCR Automation

The new National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Automation has been launched – with the goal of establishing Switzerland as one of the world's leading hubs for research, education and innovation in automation and control technology. As one of the four participating institutions, Empa is contributing its expertise in data and energy management.

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