Strategic Partnerships

Besides collaborations on a project basis, Empa also cultivates strategic partnerships, striving for medium to long-term cooperation with key partners from industry. Topics that extend beyond a single project, laboratory or department at Empa are developed jointly within the scope of these partnerships.

Empa has devised various models for this collaboration:

  • Antenna

Under the antenna model, companies can rent offices at Empa for their staff to make the most of the close proximity to Empa. The direct contact with our researchers promotes the collaboration optimally, which makes it more efficient and effective.

  • Coordinator

In this model, the industrial partner funds a member of Empa directly as a “liaison officer”. Thanks to his or her close ties with Empa, this coordinator can seek out project ideas more effectively, develop them further and act as project manager. This approach enables R&D projects to be acquired an organized efficiently and in a way that benefits both partners.

  • Network

This form of collaboration is usually an amalgamation of several industrial partners. The network offers the companies access to Empa’s knowledge and expertise, and enables them to use its services optimally. 

  • Public Private Partnership

Major and long-term projects can best be realized in the form of a “public private partnership” between Empa and private or public partners.