Services, Advice and Expertise

As an interdisciplinary research and service institute, Empa boasts a broad range of expertise in the field of materials science and technology. This is made possible by the expert knowledge and long-standing experience of our scientists, researchers and engineers.

From SMEs to international groups, companies regularly take advantage of our professional consulting services and commission studies and measurements in scientific and technical fields at Empa. Our experts especially use state-of-the-art instruments and equipment to perform analyses in complex cases of damage. Our infrastructure facilitates studies in the broad field between large-scale industrial test facilities and high-precision equipment with a resolution in the nanometer range. 

Our research departments cover a broad spectrum of material-related and technological topics:


  • Modern materials and surfaces
    Materials research in the fields of adaptive materials, composites, functional polymers, functional textiles, wood modifications, ceramic materials, material integrity, nanostructured materials, energy-efficient building materials and much more
  • Surface technology
    Coating techniques, ultra-hard surfaces, interface technology, corrosion and electrochemistry, tribology
  • Nanotechnology
    Research and development of nanoscale material systems, materials and coatings, nanoelectronics and nanophotonics
  • Modern fibers, textiles and medtech applications
    Functional fibers, surface modification, biocompatibility, implants, biopolymers
  • Analytical technologies
    Organic/inorganic analytics, trace and environmental analytics, spectroscopic methods, electron microscope (including focused ion beam, FIB and REM), atomic force microscope (AFM), microcomputer tomography (m-CT), mass spectroscopy (including TOF-SIMS), various high-vacuum scanning probe microscopy techniques (sometimes own research developments) and much more
  • Construction and construction physics
    Energy efficiency in buildings, statics/dynamics of buildings and bridges, intelligent load-bearing systems and structures, concrete technology, construction chemistry, fire safety systems, road construction, environmental acoustics and soundproofing
  • Mechanical systems and plants
    Engineering, dynamic stress tests on large test facilities, endurance strength, calibration of test machinery and facilities, measuring technology, biomechanical system analyses
  • Environmental and energy technology
    Combustion engine lab, after-treatment of exhaust gases, fuel cells, hydrogen technology, photovoltaics, air pollution, eco-efficiency, urban energy systems
  • Safety, reliability and sustainability of materials and systems
    Breakdown analyses and operational stability of components, nanotoxicology, environmental evaluations (life cycle assessments), material cycles