Vision test for autonomous cars

Autonomous driving: does your car see well enough?

Miriam Elser, Group Leader Vehicle System, and her team at Empa study current sensor technology applied for self-driving cars: What sensors are available on the market? How is this technology performing, especially under tricky environmental conditions such as fog or heavy rainfall?

Sensors function as the eyes of autonomous cars: They collect data about the car's surroundings and support the machine's decision-making process: how and where the car drives. Same as for human drivers, standardized testing procedures for sensor technology are needed to ensure safety on the roads. Elser guided us through the proposed "vision test" for sensors and talked to Empa's Head of Communications, Michael Hagmann, about the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for this technology. Watch the full video below.  




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Miriam Elser, Group Leader Vehicle System
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