Coating Competence Center

In the Coating Competence Center (CCC) we develop new technologies by bringing together key players along the value chain and by closing the gap between lab-scale research and industrial production. This includes all aspects of technologies: materials, processes and machines. Our mission is to transfer our new ideas and successful developments from the lab into the industry and enable companies to produce the next generation of products with innovative and cost-efficient manufacturing technologies.

Closing the gap between lab research and industrial production

The Coating Competence Center closes the gap between lab-scale research and commercial production. Equipped with pilot-scale machines Empa's researchers can develop advanced manufacturing technologies. The objective is to bring the results from the lab to the next level and manufacture functional product prototypes with industrial processes on pilot-scale machines.

Partnering along the value chain

The Coating Competence Center is the place where all partners along a value chain from industry as well as from science are working together to develop new technologies and offer innovative solutions for todays and tomorrows challenges. The different available coating technologies are applied in a broad range of applications.

In order to solve not only challenges of the manufacturing process, but to offer complete solutions all partners along the value chain, like raw material manufacturers, production companies or machine and equipment manufacturers need to work together in cross-functional teams and develop materials, processes, machines and equipment as well as products jointly and partially in parallel. If you are interested in working with us and in contributing to the development of new innovative coating technologies, please .

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